What should I book?

Looking for things to do in Brisbane? This is it! Here at Free Space VR Arcade we hire our Stations by the hour instead of charging a per person rate, this is because you can share your time with up to 2 people maximum (Including spectators due to space). For example 4 people could have their own Station each and therefore their own Headset each and be all playing at the same time, or you could hire 2, 3 or 4 Stations to share amongst you! You will need at least 2 Stations if you want to play our range of Multiplayer Titles!

What is a Station?

We have 7 VR Stations in total, Stations have 1 HTC Vive Headset each, a Monitor for everyone to see what you're doing and couches for the others whilst they wait for their turn if sharing

We have over 40 Experiences and the freedom to pick and choose as you please so there is sure to be something for everyone!

Hire multiple stations for larger groups or to play our range of Multiplayer Titles and you'll get 15% off when you hire 2 Stations or more!


What Happens when we arrive?

When you arrive we'll check if you have filled in a Waiver Form and when your whole group has arrived we'll run you through our briefing, this starts with a short video to take you through how our software and equipment works, then a Tutorial inside the headset to show you how to interact with the virtual world.

When this is done your timer starts so it doesn't take away but is important to arrive early to make sure you get the full time that you've booked for!


What about during the session?

Once your timer has started you'll be free to choose from our library of Experiences and can come back to our menu to select something else whenever you'd like plus we're here throughout to answer all your questions.

If you hire 2 Stations or more you'll be able to enjoy our Multiplayer Titles as well and get 15% off!



295 St Pauls Tce
Fortitude Valley, QLD, 4006



Tel: 07 3158 2280

Opening Hours

Wed, Thurs, Fri | 12pm - 8pm
Saturday | 10am - 8pm

Sunday | 10am - 6pm 
(Last session 1hr prior to close)

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